24th February, 2020

Pancake Profiling

There are two types of people in the world.

Well, that’s just patently untrue. There are billions. But that’s inconvenient for the point I’m trying to make. So let’s just agree, for the sake of argument, just until the end of this blog and you can go about your very busy day – that there are two. Okay? Okay.

These two types are distinguished thusly –

Those who, upon hearing the word “pancakes”, picture pancakes.
And those who, upon hearing the word “pancakes”, picture crêpes.

Now, none of these people are wrong. They are both, nominally, cakes made in a pan. Eggs, milk, flour and toppings. All but identical. But even so – you still feel like you’ve learned a little something about someone when they state their preference. A little something more than just what they like for breakfast.

I’ll give you an example – chances are, you’ve picked up on a cultural thing.

Crêpes, the thin, wide kind you’ll find filled with tasty stuff and rolled up, are French. So if that’s what your guy has in mind, you can bet you’re speaking to someone of a European ilk.
Your Pancake on the other hand, the thicker kind one might have in a stack with bacon and maple syrup and whatnot – while being an English invention, is a favourite of our North American buds.

In our own fair British Isles, it’s a more local thing. Crêpes in the South, pancakes in the North is the trend. Further than that, crêpes might seem a little posh and bourgeois in Scotland, for example, whilst the humble pancake might meet some resistance in the South as too heavy and Americanised. It’s actually a sore point for some people, incredibly. People will really go to bat for their local thing.

Throw in the question of toppings and hoooo boy, you can write a book.

Lemon and sugar? Simple tastes, satisfied with small pleasures. Not interested in extravagance. They know what they like and they like what they know.
Strawberry and Nutella? Decadent, not afraid to dream big and live bigger.
Banana and peanut butter? A Maverick. A loose cannon. A rickety pistol. They live by their own rules and damn it, they get results.

Don’t even get me started on Crumpets. That’s a whole other blog.

“What does this have to do with recruitment?” You say. Well, nothing. If I’m quite honest. Not on the face of it, anyway. What I’m getting at here is that the little questions you don’t really think about in a professional sense – the small talk, the chit chat, the bants if you want –  are one of the most important parts of the recruitment process. Ignore them at your peril.

Every industry has its specifics that you need to confirm up top – qualifications in the right kind of stuff, relevant experience, you know. These are the big questions you need to ask, and chances are if your candidates have got to the interview stage you’re going to hear a lot of the same answers. These questions aren’t as helpful when you’re trying to find someone to gel well with your team, someone who you’re happy spending eight hours a day with, someone with that sort of ineffable quality that lets you know that you want them. That’s where the pancakes come in.

Ask your next candidate how they like their pancakes. Ask them what sports they like. Ask them who their favourite Power Ranger is. Chances are you’re going to get something interesting and above all, useful.

Full Picture Recruitment take this philosophy to heart. We know you’re not just looking for industry years logged – you’re looking for a human being, and we’re all different! Our bespoke profiles and candidate videos give you insight that a simple CV just can’t, and will let you see how well your candidate will fit as a human.

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