12th April, 2020

New Beginnings

With the arrival of Spring and Easter weekend, it is a great time to be thinking about new beginnings. Now, with everything that’s going on out there, it may seem like this is a strange time to think about that, but it could be the perfect opportunity. We have all been given the gift of time to sit back and re-evaluate and really think about what we want to do with our lives.


Best thing to start with is looking at your life in compartments:

  • Bucket List – what do you would you love to do/achieve in the next 10 years?
  • Family and Relationship goals – what do you want for your family, friends or partners and how can you help them achieve it?
  • Home – home improvements, first home, larger family home?
  • Learning and Development – Skills you want to hone? Hobbies you wan to take up?
  • Work/Job – Career you always wanted? Job you have been working towards?
Bucket List

Bucket Lists are a great way to focus yourself, and give you things to work towards and look forward to. There’s no better time than now to start thinking about what you would love to do in your lifetime.
Whether it is sky dive or learn how to knit; add anything you would have always wished you could do. It doesn’t have to be big things, even if it is read a book you have always wanted to read, it’s about setting goals to work towards and get a feeling of satisfaction when you mark them off your list.

Family and Relationships

For those of us who have been cooped up with loved ones, as hard as it may have been at times, now is a great time for quality time and re-engaging with family. Sometimes life can be so busy that we lack the time to understand what our nearest and dearest are now passionate about or enjoy doing. No doubt you have learnt a lot about them in these last few weeks that you didn’t know before.
Why not start a project together? Something that they are interested in and where you can learn something new? You could also take this time to learn about their goals in life and design a plan together on how you can achieve this.

Home Sweet Home

Spending so much time at home can really help you to realise what you want your living space to be like. If this quarantine is just confirming that you really want to get a place of your own or a larger home, why not start planning how you can achieve this. This may not seem like the best time to be thinking about saving or large purchases, but it does not stop you from looking at how you can realistically achieve this goal. If you need a job that pays more, how can you achieve that? If you need to improve your credit score, research the best way to do this. The more planning you do now, the easier it will be to achieve.

Maybe you already have the house of your dreams, but you need to make it a home. Finally, we have time to get those DIY projects completed that have been left on the list for months! Focus on one room at a time and really think about how you envision the final look. Why not create a vision board or use an online room builder tool to create a visual of how you want the finished project to look?

Even just a spring clean can make a world of difference to your home. Organise that cupboard you have been just tossing things in for months, move the living room furniture around for a change in environment or throw out all the things you have been hoarding or collecting that are not adding value but just taking up space. De-clutter and De-stress.

Learning and Development

Has it always been your dream to learn a new Language? Want to re-train as a nurse or become a fire fighter? Or just interested in developing your existing skills to achieve that promotion? Lets get started!
There are so many resources online now which can help you on your journey. Start reading all those books you have collected on your lifelong interest. Start researching what you need to be able to achieve the career of your dreams. Start teaching yourself something new. Life is all about learning new things and improving. Sometimes our commitments and responsibilities can get in the way of all that. Use this time to your advantage, you might even come out of it a whole lot wiser.


With so many people uncertain of what the future holds for their careers, it may seem like a strange time to think about working towards the job of your dreams, but it could be the best opportunity you may never get again. Now that you have figured out what goals and dreams you want to achieve in your personal life, it’s time to look for a job that not only compliments them, but also helps you achieve them.

Let’s start looking at what you want to do and not what you do because that’s where you have found your comfort zone. If you have never discovered what you wanted to be when you grew up, think about it now. Write down all the things you enjoy doing and are good at. What sort of roles do these equate to?

Reach out

When you have decided what path, and you’re ready to start walking, that is the time to give is a call and let us help you along on your journey. We can help prepare you find that dream job, new challenge or the next step up on your career ladder.