28th June, 2018

How technology has changed the way we recruit

Technology has revolutionised the way companies recruit in recent years, with new innovative methods being deployed by major global companies more and more.

Here at Full Picture, we use video technology to enhance the way we recruit. It not only gives employers a clearer picture of a candidate and their personality, but it also allows them to make a more informed decision at an early stage.

It isn’t just video that’s modernising recruitment though, with a wealth of companies utilising the easily-accessible technology market to improve their hiring.

French cosmetics company L’Oreal have introduced an exciting virtual reality approach to the way they hire. As an interview, candidates are given a virtual reality headset and taken on a virtual tour of the company’s Paris-based offices. There they meet colleagues and managers, answer questions and engage in conversations, before hiring managers then assess candidates on their responses.

Byte London, a national marketing agency, has implemented a chatbot as their first port of call for candidates interested in roles. A Facebook Messenger-style chatbot called Space Gentleman asks candidates a series of common interview questions like “Do you have the right to work in the UK?” and “What do you think you can bring to this role?”. From this, the employer can make a more informed decision as to whether they’d like to invite the said candidate to interview. The chatbot approach is not only there to save time, but it’s been designed to ensure it’s entertaining for a candidate too.

Byte are hoping to use Space Gentleman to schedule interviews in the near future, with the company having received more than 1,000 applicants through the bot so far and hired 34 in the past year. According to reports, it’s also reduced their cost of hiring a candidate by over 75%.

In an effort to capture the attention of Millennials looking for work, McDonald’s began running 10-second Snapchat ads of current employees talking about their work in the hope it would interest users. Those who were interested were then directed to something called a Snapplication. This would invite them to activate their front-camera where they’ll be given a McDonald’s hat and name tag, before they’re asked to share a 10-second introduction with the manager of their local branch.

Some companies have gone totally the other way, though, like bakery chain Bagelman. After ditching the CV applications from their hiring process, they instead ask candidates to attend a workshop where the company will identify suitable people from the way they interact with others and complete set tasks. These tasks would challenge their ability to think on their feet, retain information and provide excellent customer service – three vital qualities needed to be successful at Bagelman.

Like many companies, they were hiring people who looked great on paper, but it soon became apparent they didn’t share their company values. No matter the qualifications on the CV, it’s the person in front of them that matters.

It’s exactly this way of thinking that led Full Picture to using personality-driven, video profiles to promote candidates. Not only does a video give you a more accurate insight into a candidate’s experience and knowledge, but it paints a truer picture of what they’re actually like too.

Whether you’re looking to change the way your company recruits, you’re a candidate after a fresh way to promote your skills and experience, or you simply want to find out more about video recruitment, contact us today on 01489 667 033 or email us on hello@fullpicturerecruitment.co.uk.