17th September, 2020

Home Office Culture

For a lot of us now, working from home is the new normal. As social distancing measures continue to change and fluctuate, it seems the only sure-fire way to stay safe for some people is to stay home. This has worked well for the most part – some people have even transitioned into working from home full time permanently, which is testament to how well it can work! But no two people are alike, and what can work for one can be stressful for another, and even have an effect on mental wellbeing and identity for yet others still. If all they’ve ever known in their career is the busy office, with all the comings and goings of other team members; and their social circle is largely composed of close colleagues, of course this is going to mess with them!

That’s why maintaining your company and team culture is paramount, so we’ve compiled a few quick tips for you that should hopefully smooth out the transition and keep your team motivated and productive!


Keep in contact!

For most roles, this would go without saying – you’re going to need to check in with people regularly to give feedback or distribute tasks, this is a key part of any job. The important thing to remember is to keep in touch outside of your email inbox!

When your only source of interaction with the people you manage is through professional-voiced, impersonal, almost clinical emails – you start to very quickly lose sense of the actual person at the other end. And with this feeling inevitably comes the realisation that your team must also be losing sense of you. And this is a very, very uncomfortable thought. Especially when up until now, you’ve been a tight-knit team of friends! It’s imperative to keep up your team culture, not just to keep productivity up and the machine running, but to keep up everyone’s enthusiasm and passion.

If you’re a chatty bunch who rely on the immediacy of having people in earshot to share ideas or just natter to keep fresh between tasks, set up a group chat through Skype or the messenger of your choice! Set up regular video calls! Make sure everyone knows you’re still available to them and you’re keen to check in.

If you do regular fun stuff as a team, like a weekly quiz or karaoke night or anything, keep that up too! You might not be able to be in the same room, but technology is a wonderful thing! Make sure everyone gets their social fix – it’s absolutely vital.


Keep up the competition!

If you’re in a competitive kind of industry like sales or recruitment, chances are you’re working within a fast-paced, competitive culture! Don’t lose this!

That competitiveness, when appropriately channelled, is the single most important driving factor behind your company’s success. You have a team of people who want to succeed, and taking them out of the office and into their living rooms, without the sport of competing with their colleagues and the immediate feedback the team gives them, is a good way to get an ordinarily stellar performer to flounder.

If you keep a stats board, keep it up and make it accessible! An online Excel document is perfect for this (other spreadsheet applications are available). Get your team energised and get them pumped up for success!

If your team enjoys regular incentives for performance, keep these up too! Naturally, these might have to adapt a little to the current climate – if your highest weekly bidder usually gets a bottle of wine, it’s tricky to dish those out and maintain social distancing. But a takeout delivery voucher is a winner with everybody!


Make sure everyone is working toward the same thing!

It’s very easy to forget that you’re a team with a common goal when you’ve been apart for a while. If everyone is working their own books for their own commission, divides can start to form very quickly and the valuable traits you saw in your team members when you took them on can start to twist and shift in weird and unexpected ways.

Bottom line – you’re all in the same boat, and you all have qualities that the company values! All these qualities and combinations of disparate goals and personalities is what makes up your company culture, and it’s this culture that has led to your success so far! It’s a very precious thing. Every company has a list of buzzwords they like to throw around on their websites or advertising literature; things that they stand for like “Aspirational!” or “forward-thinking!”. They’re often cheesy, cliché, and reductive to the point of being hard to understand, but they’re not just pulled out of thin air! They’re traits the team embodies, and if you’re running the team, they’re traits you will have. Not ones to work towards – you have them! These are your strengths, so remember them – and make sure your team remembers, too!

Keep your strengths and what makes you and your team valuable in mind, and understand that for your team to succeed, you need to uphold these values and keep moving towards the same goals you always have.


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