05th November, 2019

Fly High and Sparkle Brightly

Remember Remember the 5th of November, the rhyme we would all chant at school when we learnt about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. For myself, however and most likely for many of you, bonfire night now is a time for fireworks and fun with family and friends.

Over the years my role in Fireworks night and how I enjoy it has changed. From my earliest memories of being a kid, huddled up with my cousins in their garden, watching my uncle light fireworks, with my auntie’s underwear alight on a stick. Don’t ask me why he lit the like this, I still don’t know to this day! He would run faster than I have ever seen him run, even in a game of cricket in the summer. We would all watch with amazement as the fireworks soared into the sky and laugh hysterically every time as he ran back from them.

There was so much excitement, the bright colours, sweet treats, hot chocolate and staying up later than we were normally allowed to. Out would come the sparklers bringing panic for my Grandad who would worry we were going to get hurt. He would hover around us making sure we put them in the bucket after, sometimes even before they were out!

These nights were amazing and full of memories I will cherish forever. My role was simple, watch with astonishment as the rockets flew high above our heads and savour all the goodies on offer.

When I got a little older, my role in family gatherings changed. I loved watching my nephews enjoy the fireworks, whilst still enjoying them myself. I would often watch my nephews longer than I would the fireworks as the look on their faces as priceless.

My tipple of choice had also changed from hot chocolate to either an Irish coffee or a mulled wine. I discovered this was the reason all the grown-ups never seemed to mind the cold all those years before. Sparklers were, and are still, a favourite of mine, I will always be a kid at heart, but now I was more cautious. Years of my Grandad being overprotective had made a lasting impression.

I also took it upon myself to make homemade toffee apples and crumble for everyone. I enjoyed this new role, I had a small part to play but I made a contribution that everyone appreciated.

Fast forward to the last few years and again my role has changed and even split. I’m now a mum with a three year old and a one year old. It’s now up to me and my husband to make sure they have the best time ever. It’s only now that I appreciate all the effort and organising my parents did that, I was blissfully unaware of all those years before.

We now celebrate fireworks night over 2 separate nights and they are definitely very different types of celebrations.

The first of the two I spend at home with my family. My kids will undoubtedly be over tired and over excited, which any parent with small children knows is a testing combination. I will have just under 2 hours from the time I get home from work till the time the display starts to make dinner and a pudding, make everyone a drink, keep the kids entertained until the fireworks, get them ready for bed, find the sparklers, tidy up and possibly (but unlikely) at some point sit down.

The display is a big one held every year in a field right on our doorstep. Perfect as it means we don’t have to beat the crowds to get cold standing in a muddy field only to then walk home with two very tired children. Instead we get to enjoy it all in the comfort of our own home. Once the Fireworks begin, all the rushing around to get organised is a distant memory whist I soak up the looks of wonder in my own little one’s eyes as they watch what they can only think of as magic in the sky. My eldest shouts out her favourite colour purple every time it explodes overhead and my youngest, if he is still awake, just stares in amazement and squeals with excitement.

This role is my favourite by far. The busiest of all my bonfire night roles but the most rewarding without compare. Its the one I never want to end.

My second annual celebration is with friends in their garden. The roles from the past are still the same. Someone lights the fireworks and runs away like their life depends on it, there is food and sweet treats and of course a few beverages here and there and without fail sparklers all round.

My role on this night however is very different. It’s my turn to relax. I sit back while someone else cooks the food and makes sure everyone is topped up. I get to enjoy the night and I am always reminded of my younger self huddled up with my cousins, not a care in the world, watching everyone laugh and enjoy the night.

The main difference is I now appreciated more of how much work goes into a night like this. The planning, the hosting and the dreaded clear up at the end. I am thankful that I get to have a break from the responsibilities, but I still offer to help here and there.

The same night each year, the same celebration and elements but each year my role and the role of others around me changes. The same cold weather and hot drinks but the experience is always completely different.

This evolution of our responsibilities and roles happens in many aspects of our lives including our work. Most jobs come with the same basic work pattern, the same wake up call and hustle and bustle on the commute. However, depending on our job role our experience can be completely different. We often get so lost in this same familiar routine that we don’t realise that we have outgrown our current role and need a new challenge and point of view.

If you have outgrown your job, it’s time for a change. A spark of excitement and vibrant burst of energy. Fall in love with working again, maybe in a new department, role or even industry. We can help you find the role that suits the person you are now. Let us be the fire, lighting the fuse to your new career.