24th June, 2019

Feeling Roar-some!

So many of us are held back from pursuing our dreams by a lack of self-confidence. It’s something we all face to some degree, yet it’s something we rarely to talk about and so often struggle to overcome.

Confidence is important in every part of our lives, but it’s absolutely vital when you’re trying to land your dream job. In recognition of this, we’ve pulled together our top fifteen tips on how to improve yours!


Let’s start with the basics; the obvious, physical side of confidence. This seems a little superficial but stick with us! It’s proven that how we feel about ourselves physically, and how we feel others perceive us at face value, plays a huge part in our overall self-confidence.

Groom yourself. Seems obvious, but it’s incredible what a difference a shower and shave can make in how you feel about yourself!

Dress nicely. As with grooming, if you dress well, you’ll feel well. It doesn’t have to be a £1000 suit; dressing nicely means something different to each of us, dress in what makes you feel best.

Stand tall. Try it now; stand up straight, pull in your tummy and raise that chin. Feels great right? Keep it up!

Smile.  It’s trite, but it works! Splash a smile across your face, you’ll feel instantly better. Point it at somebody else, you’ll feel awesome!


A little deeper now; sometimes it’s our emotional responses to external stimuli that are responsible for our low self-image, the next few aim to tackle this.

Check your environment. Your environment is a reflection of you and how you’re feeling – respect yourself enough to create a delightful and welcoming space for yourself, then enjoy that reflection!

Exercise. It’s hard to feel bad about something you’re taking great care of! Exercise is a hugely empowering activity; you don’t have to be running marathons to reap the benefits. Squeeze in a few walks this week and enjoy the boost!

Think positive. Learn to identify your negative thoughts, squash them and replace them with positivity. It’s a small skill, but a powerful one! You’ll be amazed how many more smiles you have when you’re thinking rainbows instead of rain clouds.


Now it’s getting heavy; your brain is an amazing tool but, if you don’t learn to harness and direct it’s power, it can work against you and destroy your self-confidence.

Get to know yourself. It’s difficult to feel confident about something you don’t really understand. Spend time without yourself, listen to your thoughts, write a journal, analyse your self-image…knowing yourself will allow you to develop real confidence in who you are.

Take action. Found something you don’t like? Change it. Thinking about something that will make you feel better? Do it. Feel you’d like to try something? Go for it. Action and progress builds confidence, and if it doesn’t work out, you’ll gain confidence from surviving the failure! Win, Win!

Get prepared. Any student will tell you that revision leaves you feeling infinitely more confident about an exam, the same applies to your life. Prepare for whatever it is that’s got you wobbling. Whether that means studying a company before your interview or practicing your presentations 100 times before the big day!

Know your principles. Our principles tell us what is important to us, which gives direction to our lives. Direction breeds focus and self-confidence. Have a go at listing your top principles today.

Increase competence. This falls in line with action and preparation; if you want to feel more confident, you need to get more competent. How do you do this? Practice of course! Want to be a great artist? Get drawing; do a little at a time, just twenty minutes a day and you’ll be a whizz in no time.

Set small goals. We’re only human, achievement is king for many of us and our confidence takes a hit if we go long periods without it. Overcome this by setting yourself small goals along your journey, each completion will give you a boost, and a little cause for celebration!

Habit forming. It’s easy to get down about a bad habit you may have, yet breaking a habit can seem like an overwhelming task. Beat this by identifying the small habits that will get you on the route to accomplishment, they’ll soon add up!
For example, looking to eat better? Perhaps your first habit will be eating at least 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day or breaking your afternoon KitKat habit! Once you’ve nailed this, you’ll be feeling motivated and can move on to the next!

Be grateful. A lack of self-confidence often comes from getting bogged down in everything we are not, take a minute to be grateful for all the things that you are. If you’re struggling, enlist a friend to get you started!


So, there you have it, our top tips for improving your self-confidence!

We’d love to hear about anything that gives you a little boost, get in touch and perhaps we’ll be sharing your tips next time!

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