06th September, 2019

Ease Up, Don’t Freeze Up


“So tell me a bit about you!”

How is that always the hardest question to answer in an interview? It defies all reason – you could be the most well-prepared interviewee ever, with pages upon pages of your own notes, questions and ideas tucked away in your brainspace ready to go. But as soon as the interview swings round to this one topic– the one topic you really are an expert on – suddenly… your throat gets dry. Your eyes dart around the room.  You dig deep for the most interesting, most incredible, most endearing tidbit to share about yourself. And out comes…


“Ummm… I like stuff?”

All the poise, all the confidence, all the rapport – gone in a blink.

“Oh no oh no oh no oh no”

Don’t panic! Calm down, have a seat. There are ways to prepare yourself for this most dreaded of questions, and don’t worry – I’m not going to tell you to “Be more confident!” or “Believe in yourself!” or any other faux- inspirational one liner. Because as we all know, this question laughs in the face of confidence. It snorts derisively at belief. And inspiration is haaaaaaaard.

“I’m still panicking! Get to the point!”

The trick, such as it is, is simple. Remember, you are the expert. And expertise is hard to hide. Chances are, you’ve given a few solid answers already if we’ve gotten to this point. All we need to do now is do it on purpose.
For example – did you strike up a conversation with the taxi driver on the way here? Yes? Boom, you’re a People Person! Tell them! You have a social streak, a friendliness that your interviewer will find invaluable.
Do you spend a lot of your free time with friends and family? Wahey! Tell them that too! You’re a Team Player who loves to build and nurture strong relationships!
Do you have any hobbies or leisure pursuits? Talk about them! In brief, of course – we’re trying to get hired here, not recruit people to your Dungeons and Dragons campaign; but remember, whatever your hobbies are they show passion. Honestly, it’s about 60% of why interviewers ask to begin with. If you can care about your level 22 Halfling Bard, chances are good you can put that same level of care and attention in your professional pursuits.

“What if I’m really weird?”

Those were just examples, of course. There are thousands of flavours of person, and all this question is really about is finding out what flavour you are. Remember, you are the expert – so only you will know the right answers and better yet, you get to decide what they are. The only wrong answer is no answer, so share as much of you as you’re comfortable with. After all, it’s you that you’re trying to sell. Not a CV or a laundry list of references. You. And you’re worth buying! All you need to do is know why – and share that knowledge!

“Wow that’s actually useful advice!”

Well, I am a professional. You can chill now. Here at Full Picture, we make it our mission to help you sell you, and everything you come with. Including and especially your wonderful weirdness. Give us a call today on 01489 667033 and we’ll set you up with a sleek video profile that’ll really make you pop to an employer.

“Thank you! You’re incredible!”

N’aww, you.