05th February, 2020

CV Writing – Give the Full Picture

Writing your way to success

 CV writing can be daunting, and they are often not given the time they deserve when deciding to search for a new job. Some make the mistake of finding their old saved document, adding their most recent job role and sending without any further edits. Others start from scratch, adding too much information or not enough, being over creative with the format or too minimal.

Often the whole process can become an unexpected nightmare. Here are some handy hints and tips on how to write the perfect CV so you don’t feel overwhelmed at the first hurdle of finding a career you love.


Layout and Content

Keep the appearance simple. Most CV’s are sent online now so you no longer need to make it stand out from a printed pile on a desk. Although it’s important to make it aesthetically pleasing and neat, the content is the most important element.

  • Keep the size of the document to 2 sides of A4 or under. Don’t try to beat this by making the font size smaller, you want to paint a picture of yourself, but you also don’t want them to get bored of reading it
  • Use font size 11 or 12 and an easy to read style such as Calibri, Garamond or Times New Roman
  • Tailor you CV to the job you want. For example, if you are applying for a job in sales, focus on your communication skills and any experience which is relevant
  • Keep your content detailed, on point and in bitesize sections


Personal Details

Your personal details should be listed at the top of the CV There is no point writing an amazing CV for them not to be able to contact you. This should include:

Your Full Name

The area you live in

Telephone number

Email address

  • You only need to put the area/city/town that you live in and not your full address
  • Remember your telephone number, this might seem obvious, but it is often forgotten and left off
  • Make sure you have a professional email address meaning no nicknames, movie references or innuendos. Keep it simple: Jane.Smith@email.co.uk


Personal Statement

 This is your section to sell yourself and first impressions really do count.

  • Avoid using me and I. Your personal statement should read as someone has written it about you, “An ambitious and dedicated individual with a wealth of knowledge in the Finance Sector”
  • Keep it to 4-5 lines, it should be short and snappy whilst still giving an excellent impression of who you are
  • Tailor this to the job role you are applying for, if you know the employer values customer service highly then focus on your attributes which help you provide world class customer service
  • Research the company to see what they are looking for in a candidate. If they want someone who is target focused mention this in your personal statement
  • Stand out from the crowd. What are the most exciting things about you as a person, what can you bring to the company that no one else can?


Work Experience

 This needs to be in chronological order starting with present role or most recent. Use headers:

Job Title

Company Name

Duration (month/Year – Month/Year)

  • Only include between 6-8 points and keep them clear and concise
  • Quality over Quantity. Don’t list every single responsibility. Include only the most relevant or what you excelled at. Don’t duplicate responsibilities in each job listed
  • What did you achieve in these roles that you are proud of? Focus on your achievements and involvement instead of teamwork or collaboration. This is your chance to sell yourself not your teammates



 This is where you can add in and skills or achievements which are relevant for the job.

  • Be unique. Anyone can write “great organiser,” try to include an example of how you demonstrate this
  • Keep this section to between 5-10 bullet points
  • This can include non-work-related aspects so long as they are relevant



 Might seem like this is just an obvious section to fill out but there are still some do’s and don’ts.

  • Chronological order with most recent first to oldest
  • List each section in a clear and easy to read order:


Place of Study

Duration of time

  •  Don’t list every single GCSE and what grade you achieved. Instead note how many you have and the range of grades. For example:

High School

10 GCSE’s grade A-C

1990 – 1995


 Interests and Hobbies

 This is a great way to give a bit of personality to your CV and an impression of who you are.

  • Keep it professional, remember you are still trying to impress them so late-night raves are probably best left off
  • List any hobbies you have but do not put too much information, this should just be a conversation starter:

“I enjoy knitting, fundraising for charities and training for marathons”



 There is no need to list your references on you CV. A simple Reference Upon Request written at the bottom is enough. It also ensures that your reference’s information is kept safe and only disclosed when it needs to be.


 Make it Count

 Once you have followed these hints and tips, it’s time to put your CV to work. There is no point putting all that effort in, for it to go to waste in the wrong places.

Applying for jobs can be tedious and often the employers have received so many applicants you won’t find out if the position has been filled already or you have been unsuccessful. This can be very disheartening and often can put some people off the idea of a career move and they settle in a job that they no longer enjoy.

The way to make the most of your CV is to send it to us and let us do all the hard work for you. Along with your CV we create a profile which paints a Full Picture of who you are and tailor it to the role you want. We then send it to our clients and liaise and negotiate with them for you. We have great relationships with our clients based on trust and reliability, so our candidates are met with the knowledge that we fully understand the roles needs and only send the perfect fit.

If you want our endorsement and excellent reputation behind your applications and a stress free, time saving option for finding the best job for you then contact us today.