01st October, 2020

Coping with Redundancy

Redundancy is no joke. It’ll affect a vast majority of us at some point and it can really put a downer on your day, let me tell you. Thousands of us are currently struggling as a result of redundancies due to the recent COVID pandemic, with businesses in virtually all sectors suffering losses and being forced to resort to layoffs to stay afloat. Scores of decent, hardworking people are suddenly finding themselves without an income and it’s scary! Let’s not mince words; it’s a scary time, and it’s easy to think it’s a pretty bleak time too. Unprecedented.
But hey! Let’s all take a minute off here. Give ourselves a wee break from the worries and take a look at how this could be the best thing that ever happened to you!



Chances are, if you’re staring a redundancy down the barrel, you’ve just found yourself with a surplus of that most valuable resource – Time.

“Time spent in the pursuit of happiness is never wasted.” Keep that in mind! Now that the number of free hours in your day has doubled, it’s easy to feel like you’re wasting them if you’re not using them the way you think you should. Give yourself a break!
This is a stressful time, and if we’re not dealing with that stress, then all of the hard work we need to do will feel so much harder. Devote a little time to you! It’s a luxury we don’t get to indulge very often, so now we have the time, take advantage of it! Read that book you’ve been meaning to or build that model kit you’ve been saving for a rainy day. Put some time into any other projects you have going on, keeping entertained and focused is important right now.

By the same token, now would be the perfect time to devote a little energy to getting yourself in order. Brush up on your basic IT skills, spruce up your LinkedIn profile and make sure your CV is tip-top. If you have the means available, update your professional wardrobe. Anything you do to make sure you’re 100% ready to go when you decide to get back into the game is absolutely worth it!



Now that one chapter in your career has come to a close, you get to plan and look forward to the next one. I am fully aware that this sounds like some cheesy, self-help-book patter but really, it’s great advice! Once we work out what it actually means, anyway.

This is a time of change for you, a time for a little bit of reflection and re-invention. So, get reflecting and re-inventing! We’re now going from one version of you into a whole new one, and you get to decide what the new one will be. What do you wear? What do you value? What parts of yourself do you want to highlight most? And further than that, is there anything specific career-wise that you now want to pursue or avoid? Getting clear on these things is hugely important before rushing forwards.

Knowing yourself and what you want is a great place to start when you’re on the job hunt and are trying to pitch the best version of yourself to employers. Best case scenario though, deciding where you want to go and how to get there is exciting and is incredible for your mental well-being. Think of it as developing your brand – what are you selling, why do you think it’s worth it and what sets you apart from the others? If you don’t know, decide!



It’s such a big perk that it’s here twice. It really can’t be stressed enough – being given agency over every moment of your own time is an incredible blessing. You’ve got more free time, sure – but now that you don’t have to clock in at 9am every weekday, all those little ambitions and projects can finally get a bit of attention! You don’t really get a lot of time to work out who you are as a professional when you’re on the job – you really get moulded by The Role. But now that you don’t have The Role to think about, you’re free to mould yourself however you like, for whatever you like! You can finally take that course and get the qualification you need to get a step up, or you can practice and master that skill that’s been holding you back!

Further, you can devote more attention to other areas of your life – spend more quality time with friends or family or even develop hobbies! There are countless people who have managed to make a living from their hobbies – carpenters, painters, gardeners! Maybe you’ve never been able to consider it before due to limited time or a fear of leaving the security of a regular 9-5, but now? Go for it!


In short, this is a time of change, and change is scary at any time. But change is also exciting!
Own the change and make sure it’s a positive one! For better or worse, you’re not alone. There are thousands of people in the same boat right now, and there’s help available from any number of sources. Your local Job Centre is an invaluable hub of information, whether you intend to make applications through them or not. There are organisations in place to make the transition smoother for you, and even your GP can provide some incredible support if you feel like your mental health is suffering. The most important thing to remember is this – you are still a valuable, worthy, and needed person! All we have to do is show employers your value, worth, and needfulness and you’ll be back in play in no time! Own the change!


If you’ve been affected by redundancy, get in touch! Full Picture Recruitment have dedicated and professional recruiters on hand with an ever-expanding portfolio of employers who are looking for someone just like you! Give us a call on 01489667033 to get the Full Picture!