01st April, 2019

Clients and Cuddles

Ask any Mother what it’s like to return to work after a baby and she’ll likely report tales of stressful negotiation, missed opportunities, and the struggles of juggling her new life around existing ambitions. To top it all off, she’ll probably tell you that’s she’s earning less and spending more for the pleasure of it!

Since women joined the workforce in a big way, they’ve been expected to ‘just deal with’ the inconvenience to employers of having a child; to organise families and raise the next generation, without missing a beat in the office. Failing that, Mothers could choose to opt out of their ambitions, stop chasing their dreams and resign themselves to the few roles for which they are considered ideal.

Fortunately, recent years have seen a change in attitude towards working parents; all manner of industries now offer flexi-time, home working and part-time hours to accommodate the needs of families. However, this isn’t universal and, for every progressive employer regarding a working parent as an equal, we’ll guarantee you can find one who’d call her an undesirable. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 1/3 of hiring managers think women aren’t as good at work once they return from maternity leave!

Here’s a few reasons why they’re wrong…

You had a baby, not a lobotomy.

Do you have other commitments after giving birth? Of course.
Does becoming a Mother change your view on life? Undoubtedly.
Does motherhood rob you of the knowledge and skills that make you great at your job? Certainly not!

Your employee had a baby – maybe even more than one – she became a Mother, but somewhere under all those sleepless nights and nursery rhymes, is the same person who sat at that desk before the baby break. All the training, knowledge and experience acquired throughout her career still lives in that brilliant brain, so why wouldn’t you want to cling on and support her in this new chapter of life?

It’s not just what you left with, it’s what you’re bringing back.

Having children is a huge life change, it forces a parent to level up and, as they’re usually the primary caregiver, Mothers often benefit most from this.
Think you’re ‘losing’ an employee to Motherhood? You’re mistaken, Maternity Leave is an intense bootcamp in many soft skills! A study by Microsoft suggests women are actually better employees after becoming Mothers; Employers thought they made better team players and their multi-tasking skills improved exponentially.

You scratch my back…

You’re right, most Mothers require some flexibility upon their return to work. These requirements can range from reduced hours and flexibility around child-based leave, right through to a manager being understanding of the unyielding tiredness experienced by the parent of a teething infant!

This can seem troublesome and undesirable at face value however, if you provide flexibility and treat them right, you’re likely to end up with a satisfied worker who is loyal to your business and the work-life balance it provides. Happy workers are generally more productive and an employee who feels you are supporting them in adapting to their new life, will likely jump at the chance of returning the favour the next time you need a little extra out of them.


Enough to make you rethink your feelings on the matter?
We did!


Here at Full Picture, we’re making it our mission to drag recruitment in to the 21st Century and it doesn’t just stop at revolutionising your hiring processes.
Recruitment has long been a career path paved with long hours, insane targets and very little flexibility for those seeking work life balance – we’re leading the change on this one too.

In recognition of the value working parents add to our workforce, we will be considering flexible hours and arrangements on all of our own vacancies and will be encouraging our clients to do the same.

We’d love to hear about how your business supports staff requiring a little more flex in their roles.

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