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What makes us different?

Full Picture shows an employer the real you. By utilising video applications and comprehensive online profiles, you can demonstrate your true personality and passion for a role.

Say goodbye to paper CVs and cutting down your experience, skills and knowledge so they fit onto two sides of A4 paper, with our approach you can tell it as it is. Let your employer e-meet you before an interview and cover what you wouldn’t with a traditional paper CV.

When you’re looking for a new challenge in your career, you want to see that the company you’re applying for is right for you. So why not let the company see you too?


“I’d never used video applications before, so was a little apprehensive, but Michael led me every step of the way and in the end it was the video that got me the job. I was able to show how much I wanted the job and could explain a lot more about my experiences and skills than I could on a paper CV”

Jasmine Hatherly – Lettings Negotiator

“The whole process from the first telephone call to securing my job was quick and easy. Garreth kept me informed with telephone calls and also via emails, when I was unable to get to the phone. He gave me time to make my decision and also made my interview time work around my busy schedule. Garreth was very chatty and friendly and always went that extra mile to make sure I was okay in the lead up to switching roles. The easiest job changeover I have ever had!”

Jessica Huckle – Marketing Assistant

“Luke was extremely helpful in finding me a position that suited me. He guided me through every step of the way and I felt safe in the knowledge I was in professional hands. Not only was a I at a loose end in finding a new job, but my confidence was taking a bit of a knock. Then, when I found Full Picture, we discussed my skills and experiences and they expertly placed them in front of the right people to ensure I got a job I loved and that I was good at” 

Luke Harrop – Claims Administrator

“Garreth was very informative and made sure I had the knowledge I needed before I went into my interview. I’ve been in interviews before where I’ve been thrown a curve ball I wasn’t expecting, or a test I wasn’t prepared for, but not this time. Garreth told me everything I needed to know and I went in confident and full of self-belief – one of the main reasons I think I got the job”

Zoe Denyer – Call Auditor

“Garreth was extremely professional in the way he matched my online profile to the position on offer. He was quick to contact me for feedback from my interviewers and encouraging with his comments. He kept in contact with me through every step of the way and was there when I had any queries. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Full Picture to anyone looking to find a new job, but isn’t entirely sure what they want”

Mick Sherwood – Call Auditor

“Working with previous recruitment companies, I felt like just another number. It felt impersonal. With Full Picture and Garreth, it felt anything but. He was great to deal with and was approachable and helpful at all times. I had all the information I needed for my interview, so I felt both confident and prepared before I went in, which certainly helped”

Lisa Seager – Call Auditor

“I want to thank everyone at Full Picture for their help; you have been amazing and got me a job after only speaking to me for two days. Video wasn’t something I had even thought of before, but it’s a much better way of showing someone what you’re like. Thank you so much to everyone and for finding me the perfect role!”

Charlotte Wilber – Administrator

“Luke always gave me the answers I was looking for and got back to me every time, he’s been great and very efficient. Made it feel a lot easier knowing what I was signing up for”

Dave Foster – Business Support Advisor

“The video presentation idea is a new one for me, meaning I was apprehensive of the content required. But I was shown great professionalism by the team and they talked me through all the requirements, providing reassurance every step of the way”

Dean Yeomans – Candidate

Candidate profile

Our consultants create you online profiles that are sent to prospective employers. Your candidate profile is where you’re given the freedom to show why an employer should hire you.

Here you can display your passion for a particular role and show off your personality more than you ever could on a paper CV. Use this tool to its full potential to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

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